Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nagarjunasagar: In 2 Mega Pixels ;)

  • Destination profile: Nagarjunasagar
  • State: Andhra Pradesh
  • Travel: Hyderabad to Nagarjunasagar
  • Distance: 150 kms
  • Mode: Bike
  • Number of days: 1

    Left Hyderabad at morning 4:30 am and were out of the city by 5 am. Awesome roads allowed me to touch 80-90 kmph average.

First sight of the vast water reservoir called Nagarjunasagar at 9 am.

The Nagarjunasagar dam is a standing testimony of Indian engineering marvel. It is the worlds largest masonry dam and the third largest man made reservoir built on river Krishna.

First long shot of the dam.

Isn't is she cute?
In all probability you will find her at this bridge road. She makes her living by posing with tourists.

The dry basin on the other side of the dam

The way to launch station has a few great view points of the Dam

This is at the Nagarjunasagar launch station

(Entrance to the launch station )

The launch boat that ferries tourists to the Nagarjunakonda island in the beautiful blue Nagarjunasagar lake.

Inside the launch

( Reached Nagarjuna Konda)

During the building of the dam, the area was feared to be submerged by the reservoir. The Archaeological Survey of India team executed an herculean task to transplant nine monuments from the valley onto Nagarjunakonda hill. The hill forms an Island in the middle of the reservoir. The monuments are preserved in a museum for public display. The highlight of the trip to Nagarjunasagr is the trip to Nagarjunakonda island in a launch vehicle. It takes an hour to reach the island. And the journey to that is awe inspiring.

Very near to Nagarjunasagar is the Ethipothala waterfall. This is another mind blowing site with a cavernous waterfall that displays itself in full splendour during monsson. The waterfall has created a beautiful lagoon below. The stream tumbles into a 22m deep gorge, near the falls is the breeding site for various crocodiles After sunset, the waterfalls are illuminated by dynamic lighting. APTDC has Punnami restaurant here with two rooms attached.
Ideal for an overnight stay.

Visit for booking reservations.

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