Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What is this blog about?

I am Ravi and I have an itchy feet. And so, I travel. I travel desulatorily. But now I am consciously trying to plan and travel and record them for posterity. I am a technical writer by profession and traveller by heart.

This blog would give you tips and choices of travelling in shoe string budget with minimal baggage. If you are seeking luxury, this is the wrong place to look for information. I intend to cover the length and breadth of India and record it her in my blog through pictures. Yes this blog would be the mirror of what I see and reflect whatever my camera captures. A coffeetable book sort of.

My first trip would be the majestic Himalayas in the month of September! Watch out.


Prasanna Seshadri said...

Nice pictures, really excited to see those, keep continuing the good work, it also inspires me to travel more.

Ravi Kumar said...

Thanks Prasanna. That achives the purpose to write the blog :)

juls said...

the views of Himalaya are really exotic & very rightly said "... record for posterity".Keep continuing to unravel the mystery of exotic places.... all the best...

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