Saturday, August 30, 2008

Alleppey: Where I experienced bliss

Destination profile: Allepey(also called Alappuzah)

State: Kerela

Travel: Munnar to Allepey

Distance: 150 kms

Mode: Cab

Number of days: 2 days

Allepey also called Venice of the East was on my radar since long. I picked it up to celebrate the 25th anniversary of my parents. And how apt it was to celebrate the occasion in the wildreness amidst serence back waters.

We left Munnar for Alleppey at around 7 am.

(Started from Munnar, early morning 7 am)

( Leaving the valley of Munnar towards Cochin )

(Winding road downwards)

Food is a problem at Munnar. We didnt like the food there. It smells coconut in all dishes. We struggled to get good breakfast and had to contend in a rustic dhaba that served idiappam and egg curry.

The road from Munnar to Allepey is awesome. The circuitous road passes through thick and deep jungle of the Western Ghats. I was enjoying sitting beside the driver in the front seat and witnessing the blind curves that were revealing mystery at each turn. A stream here, a waterfall there would suddenly pop up.
Jungle. Deep jungle

It was mesmerizing. I would recommend anyone planning for Munnar and Alleppey to drive around this road(Munnar-Cochin road) and you would thank me for it. You would also be treated to some really pretty houses and castles across the stretch on this road.

Reached Allepey houseboat jetty
We were thrown into excitement to see a long queue of pretty looking housing boats adorning the jetty. I hadnt seen a houseboat before. The officials through whom we had booked the boats online reached us and took us to the boat.
It was beautiful!!!


On the boat dock with family!

The living space of the boat!. isnt it lovely?

The cozily laid bedroom in the boat that would beat any star hotels on comfort and experience factor.
The crew members who made sure we enjoyed the experience to the fullest

Crusing royally across the backwaters!

Amidst the rustic villages

And then we were served lunch. And we were so hungry. Sea food was awesome! and we gorged on it.

The corridors of the houseboat

The boatman cum guide posing for us.

This shot was exquisite. Picture perfect.

Mirror image ;)

And then witnessed the sun set.

Light out. Sleeping time. And it was lovely to experience that. The boat was docked amidst the waters. And we spent the night in the water. We could hear the drums and activity in the far village. An occasional sputter in the waters that the playful fish made. I kept observing these moments realising that they wont be there tomorrow.

And then dawn broke to the chirping of birds and the shining of water. I rushed out of my bed to capture the moments. It was heavenly. And exciting to find yourself waking amidst water. I shrieked like a kid.

A boatman came upto us and delivered some fresh fish again for the ensuing day.

Mom and dad still on bed overseeing the water outside

Breakfast ready: idiappam, chole, and pineapple juice.

Back to the jetty. Dissapointment on our faces :(

Alleppey beach. It is one of the beach that is so clean and virgin. You must visit. We couldnt spend more time there.

We ended our tip visiting a local coir factory.
Other places to visit at Alleppey: