Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day 3: Delhi to Haridwar on Bus

(Delhi Nizamuddin station)

4:40 am: Reachd Delhi Nizamuddin station. Got down the train rather groggily as I had slept like a log the night before. The kind TC had bestowed opon me a berth inspite of me not having a reservation. Though a bribe of 100 Rs did the trick, still I am very much thankful to him.
Getting a bath at the station waiting room got me fresh as a daisy for the day ahead. Meanwhile my gaze fell on the newspaper headlines:

"40 dead in Islamabad blasts"

Not a good note to start the trip to Haridwar. I shook myself out of it and caught an autorickshaw to ISBT bus stop, from where I would get my bus to Haridwar.

(ISBT Bus Depot)

6:30 am: Purchased a bus ticket to Haridwar for the Uttarakhand Pariwahan bus. It cost me 116 Rs. There was a tinge of chill in the air and with it the familiarity of the city. I have always loved Delhi. I have stayed here for two years. Got my first job here. Memories came gushing. A quick munch on 'chole bhature' and then I sat plumly in the front seat adjacent to the driver, snugging my leather jacket a little tighter and enjoying the early morning ride.


7:10 am: I crossed Meerut and am dissapointed that it is raining. I ask the driver and he said its been raining since a week. The newspaper carried a piece mentioning about 20 people being killed in land slides due to incessant rains in Himachal. Though I am not heading to Himachal, still not a good sign again. Lets see if I can salvage something good out of it.

( Kathauli)

9:05 am: I am at Kathauli. A busy town and its still raining. 20 minutes stop at Cheetal Hotel. Sipped tea and clicked photos.

10:00 am: Sky has cleared. Mist around. Feels good. Mood is ebulient. Can see sugar cane fields on either side of the road. Children on their way to school. As I write, the Sun is out beating down hard.

10:20 The milestone reads, Badrinath 399 kms

11:20 am: Enter Uttarakhand border.

11:50 am: Reach Roorkee
Roorkee to me is synonymous to IIT. Have heard about this place since ages. On face value it looked a very neat and planned town. Could be because of the army cantonments.

( Haridwar)

12: 15 am: Wow I am at Haridwar.


Prasanna Seshadri said...

Nice, looks like an episode of a serial, keep posting....

Ravi Kumar said...

Prasanna: Thanks, I felt the same on my trip. Each coming day was more interesting than the day before.

sids said...

Ravi,its superb.THE way u havE posted it,It will work as a travel guide for youths in their bachelor life.

Ravi Kumar said...

@sids: thanks for your kind words..yes it definetely works for single travellers..

Riddhima said...

Ravi I need suggestions... I would love to travel alone but being a girl stops me ...

Ravi Kumar said...

Dont hesistate. ask. india is still unsafe for woman travellers alone.

Wil Camilleri said...

I hope I will start my new year posting the photos of my trip to India! Great Blog you have here love it!

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Praveen Kumar said...

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