Monday, October 6, 2008

Day One: Secunderabad to Delhi

What a start to the much hyped trip of mine! At 8:30 pm at Secunderabad station, when I asked at the enquiry, on which platform Sampark Kranti would arrive, I invited a godamn-you-good-for-nothin look. I sensed danger. The guy smirked and said, "Sampark Kranti left at 5:30 pm already". I was flummoxed. It cant be. I had seen the ticket timings atleast a dozen times and registered in my mind. In a frustrating bid to prove him wrong, I pulled out the neatly folded sleeper class ticket and thrusted onto him. He gave me an even meaner look. "Dikhte to padhe likhe ho"(seem like an educated one), he retorted. I scanned the ticket again and realised my folly. I hadn't looked a bigger fool than now ever before. I had mistook the time of purchase on the ticket for the train timing. I beat a hasty retreat from the place, gathered my wits and pondered my next course of action.
I cancelled my ticket and picked the next following train, Dakshin Express at 11 pm without reservation.
My adventure had begun. But this was uncalled for.


Prasanna Seshadri said...

Oh this is a kind of mistake which should have been prevented, anyhow not much damage was done, good.

Ravi Kumar said...

Prasanna: I learnt my lesson the hard way. I would never ever repeat it again for sure.

Leela A said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by. You have an interesting blog, especially the travel parts. Aside, I was at the Pista House last year, and thought the Haleem was quite something too. Cheers.

ബൈജു (Baiju) said...

I can imagine how tensed you were during those moments…. Waiting to hear more………

Ravi Kumar said...

yes Baiju...i was initially..but then I smiled and took it in my stride..see now it makes a story to share :)

Vishva Bhraman said...

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Praveen Kumar said...

Hope you had a great trip and I liked the blog

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