Saturday, October 25, 2008

Day 4: One the way to Badrinath: Rajaji National Park

8 am: The first bus that I got for Badrinath was ready to leave. I asked the conductor to get me a seat at the front adjacent to the driver but the bus was full. Though there were seats at the back, I wanted to take the front seat to view the route upfront.

I caught the following bus. But this was to go till Rudraprayag. From there I had to make some other arrangement. I hopped in and settled comfortable at the seat near the windshield. Meanwhile, i saw some hawkers selling warm gloves and caps to the bus passengers. I asked them if I will need the gloves and cap. They said the weather at Badrinath would be freezing. I picked up a pair of gloves and a monkey cap and a raincoat. The raincoat cost me Rs 10. :)

8:10 am: We cross Rajaji National Park.
We are driving amidst thick jungle and winding roads. It has started drizzling. I do not want that.
8:35 am: We are still in the national park. The bus is trundling ahead crossing various ravines, rivulets and streams.

It am ecstatic to find myself in the wilderness. My first time in a national park. I wish I could stay here for sometime in the guest house and see the wild animals in jeep safaris. But I will save that for next time.

I see numerous boards saying :

"Elephants crossing, go slow"

Peering hard into the woods, I hoped to catch a glimpse of the elephants through the window of my bus. The lady behind me is dozing. Preposterous! I mean how can one do that? I mean I know everyone is going to Badrinath. But how can you miss the charm of the journey.

And then magic happens. My concentration paid off. I spot a herd of elephant at a stone's throw distance.

8:45 am: We cross Rishikesh


goooooood girl said...

i like......

روزبه said...

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indicaspecies said...

Hey, that must have been a thrill that you spotted the herd of elephants.:)

Anonymous said...

I was there in winter and did not find a single mammal in the wild. But it was fun playing with a baby elephant in the docks.

Ravi Kumar said...

@good girl: Thanks for visiting.

Ravi Kumar said...

@indicaspecies: Yes i shrieked and teh driver for whom that was an everyday sight gave a condescending look.

Ravi Kumar said...

@Arun: I feel privileged you dropped by my blog. Good to know u have been there.

Mridula said...

Your post brought back the memories of a long time ago, when I visited the park over a weekend. The place is quite peaceful!

Ravi Kumar said...

@Mridula: Oh u have been to rajaji. Good to know that! Thanks for dropping by.

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